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Well Reports and Profiles...

Already have a well, and want to find out more about it or check the history of wells drilled around you?

Well reports and profiles are known in the business as well logs. Use the Oregon Department of Water Resources Well Log Search Engine.


Another useful tool for learning about your local ground water is the water well report, often called a "well log." Well logs are prepared by the well driller as required by Oregon water law. Well logs provide information on geologic formations encountered in a well and list details concerning well design, construction, and yields. They are a basic tool used in checking for ground water availability.
The Water Resources Department has well logs for most of the water wells drilled in Oregon since 1955. However, the likelihood of finding records for wells drilled after 1970 is much higher than for older wells. Well logs are available on the Department's Internet website.

From the home page, select "Access Well Logs" or "GRID-Web." There are numerous ways to query the information. One of the most useful ways is to search under Township, Range, and Section. The data for all of the wells in the section(s) will be displayed onscreen. For effective searches, use a unique identifier, such as the original owner's name, tax lot information, street address, or age of well. You may view an image of the well log if you have a TIFF viewer on your computer, typically provided with systems like Microsoft Windows 95 and 98."
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A Consumers Guide to Well Water Construction, By Oregon Water Resources Department
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